24 June 2010


... At last we meet again!

If you don't see much of us in the next month it's because we are having too much fun playing outside.

Some links...

... lemonade!
... my perfect rug (via bliss)
... more Dresden
... I heart this shop
... my favorite color
... can't wait to go here next month
... and possibly here, too
... lavender!
... lunch
... the best dressed stones I've ever seen
... madhatter's tea party (via black eiffel)
... this home

Phew (and congrats Germany)!


Henry said...

Ahhh, summer is such a fun time. And Dresden is such a beautiful city. I've really liked it each time I've been there. And I think when we go, following the traces of our family history, it's even cooler. I remember when on a choir trip, we stopped in Krakow (which wasn't planned) and it was the place where my paternal grandma was from. It made it extra special and connected me even more to her. She was a really cool lady, a real fighter, and not afraid to ever speak her mind. It seems that as we discover our heritage, we discover so much about who we are - all these things that, often unknowingly, have been passed on to us, have shaped us...I love it. I'm glad you had a great trip.

Katarina said...

beautiful, refreshing blues. just what I needed in these gloomy rainy weeks. summer was here only for about a week so far :(

your travel plans, oh my. stockholm, barcelona...I've always wanted to go.

p.s. thanks for the link, and I LOVE the etsy shop :)

Heli said...

your perfect rug reminds me of hoppediz's baby wrap "lille". try and google it!

mainio linkkilista kaikin puolin. aah.

Vi said...

i feel blue!
großartige sommerfotos.

Isa said...

thank you! :)

And Heli, I googled it. It's very pretty indeed!