06 June 2010

a gift

The first time around, motherhood ran over me like a heavy-loaded truck. I stood there, hit and bleeding, on the interjunction of "life that was" and "life that was going to be" for a while in a daze. I had not seen it coming, the way everything utterly and completely changes forever. This time around, mothering my new baby has been smooth sailing. Peaceful.

Sisie is my little gift to me.

Review. The renovation is in full swing. Which means there are three half-naked, beer-bellied men on my roof every day. (Fé and I feed them ice-cream and cookies to be sure they are happy and icentivized to make my house look pretty). It also means I spend too much time reading interior design mags. We found some nice dresses on the flea market for 2 € each. 2 € I thought! What a find! When I got home, I realized they had stains all over. I'm still learning the dos and don'ts of thrifting. We got a package from the US this week, with the loveliest gifts inside. That book, how very fitting. I am Mrs. Bird! (Thank you Christina!) My mom knitted these striped pants three years ago for Fé, but she never fit inside (she was one big baby). Now they fit Sisie. They are the prettiest thing. Danke Mama!

Oh, and Sisie has chickenpox, the poor little one. We left our house a complete mess and ran away to Casa di Mama. I'll be resting here for a while. Blog updates will be sporadic for the next month (haha, Isa, but they always are!). I hope we get to go to Germany on Friday (meanpox, meanpox, I tell ya).

Some links ("thises"?)...

I like this blog (via kleinFORMAT)
I'm feeling this kitchen. And this table. And this DIY lamp (via). Too much?
I'm so making this necklace.
... that first mobile... oh... preferrably in this little girl's room.
more easy, good spinach...

Happy June!


chaton de luxe said...

Love the photos of the little one! sooooo cute!

Vi said...

Oh, das schaut gemütlich aus bei euch.
Und jetzt bin ich gespannt, ob mich in ein paar Wochen auch ein schwer beladener Truck überrollen wird ;)

IPH said...

Liebe Isa,
bei dem Link für die Küche, hab ich mal reingeschau, echt toööe Seite. Ich habe da mal eine BITTE an dich ;), könntest du mir vielleicht bei Gelegenheit mal das Rezept für die Lemontart übersetzen. Ich suche schon ewig nach diesem Rezept.

Baut ihr gerade den Dachboden aus?? Wann bist du eigentlich dieses Jahr mal hier in Lintorf?

Christina said...

Oh yay, so glad you like The Best Nest! It's one of our most favorites.
I can't believe it, with the pox- poor little Sisie. There's nothing more pathetic than a baby as young as she is getting sick. You definitely deserve a trip to Germany after all this illness.

Nina said...

Mama: sie kommen diesen Freitag, wenn die Windpocken nicht zu schlimm sind - das steht doch da. Wozu fährt Leon immer nach England, wenn er das nicht übersetzen kann? Ruf mich lieber an, bevor es peinlich wird :P.

Isa: like the colours of your dress. Unfortunately I still prefer black apperel on myself. Can't help myself, I just like it too much. But the kitchen ist definately too much (at least for me). I think it looks romantic and sweet on a picture but not in real. Think about that befor buying a witch-kitchen ;).

Isa said...

Haha, ihr zwei. :)

IPH, das Rezept uebersetz ich dir gerne. Und ja, wir renovieren gerade unseren Dachboden. Das wird unser Schlafzimmer. Am Freitag kommen wir nach Deutschland, wenn alles gut geht. Wir telefonieren! ;)

IPH said...

NH: Die meisten schreiben hier eh auf englisch und außerdem ist mir das egal, müsstest du aber auch wissen ;P

Isa: Vielen lieben Dank das du das machst, reu mich schon. Telefonnummer ist geblieben, würde mich sehr freuen, wenns klappt. Gute Besserung für die Kleine

Pamela said...

Is that a Mei Tai?! Cool. And I want the pattern for those pants!

the sleepy time gal said...

christina does send the best packages, doesn't she?

Trula said...

How strange - we've just gone through a bout of chickenpox as well. The last spots are just disappearing. How is she doing?

Isa said...

trula, it seems to be chickenpox season at the moment... ! She is fine now, and we just got the ok from the dr. to fly tomorrow. Thank goodness. Glad to hear you are fine, too!

Isa said...

pamela, I'll ask my mom about the pattern. And that's just my maxi dress... not a Mei Tei. :)

sleepy time gal, yes, she does! :)