12 August 2010

Day 11: Dragons and Thrones

On the playground of dreams, there is a dragon hill. And if you climb it, there are three thrones. After conquering the hill, Fé felt the throne in the middle was her rightful seat for most of the morning. She did not get up (despite boredom settling in at around 1 minute after aforementioned conquering). A born queen, me thinks.

I wanted to take so many pictures today, but then I ran out of battery after a mere ten minutes. I also wanted to go pick up those vintage pictures, but the store had already closed. AND I wanted to get strawberries from the farmer's market, but by the time we got there, all they had left were raspberries. (I am also a little chaotic.) But my brother took us to the best (and only) pizza place in Finland (you know it's good when the Italians go eat there). I said cioccolata and grazie and ciao. It felt like a real mini vacation.

[For those of you who are local, it's Burro E Salvia in Turun Kauppahalli. So good.]

Links... (it's been a while!)

... this felted blanket in green, please. For fall. (via designsponge).
... book tables! My heart!
... cabanes!
... porcelain crush (again her!) (via Black Eiffel)
... buttons + curtain = perfection (via Die Frau im Haus)
... THE perfect swimsuit. I've been borrowing my mom's! Tropical! Pink! Bikini! (Things hanging out in all kinds of places. It is not a pretty sight.). (via Oh Happy Day)


Annabella said...

Liebe Isa, hier bin ich wieder.
"Beobachtet" habe ich Euer Treiben aber die ganze Zeit. Mich über Deinen Besuch bei flickr gefreut und Dich dort zur Freundin gemacht. Deinen süssen Mädchen bewundert. Mich auf eine Reise nach Tallin im Februar gefreut, nachdem ich Deine Bilder gesehen habe. Mich über deine Photos gefreut. Und jetzt über die links!! Ich möchte jetzt auch eine gefilzte Decke. Am liebsten in rot-weis, das sieht aus wie eine Zuckerstange. Aber noch lieber ein Zelt aus bunten Häckeldecken ...
Sehr liebe Grüsse aus Norddeutschland von Annabella

Heli said...

what a lovely swimsuit! mine should have straps, though. talking about things hanging out in all kinds of places...

burro e salvia rules!

Isa said...

Liebe Annabella, Danke fuer's Lesen (und Vorbeischauen)! :) Ich freue mich immer von dir zu hoeren! Und was, eine Reise nach Tallinn im Februar...?? Toll!

Heli, yes, youa r eright, it should absolutely have straps! (didn't think of that).

Nina said...

Love the porcelain crush - really great looking!

Kristiina said...

How do you come across all these lovely things?:) I should just not waste any more time browsing the web,and come shopping through your blog. Beautiful. When are we going to see any pics of your remodeled upstairs?

Isa said...

NH, gorgeous, isn't it!

Kristiina, it's almost done and then I'll be boring you all with a thousand and one pictures. :)