23 August 2010

Day 23: Flapping Birds

It's raining... so we are making lots of colorful origami birds (with the lovely paper I won over on little.lovely ... thank you!). A bird mobile for Sisie... flap flap... but it really is for all of us. 

PS I can't wait for her new exhibition! Entry deadline is August 30th.
PPS Mika's etsy shop is open now. More to come. :)


Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

Wie schön! Ich liebe Origamifiguren, nur nicht falten. Zum Glück aber meine Tochter. so komme ich mal immer wieder in den Genuss mit kleine Papiervögelchen, Schwäne , Äffchen, u.ä decorieren zu dürfen. Echt klasse!

Anonymous said...

Discovered origami a few weeks ago and it's such a peaceful and soothing thing to be doing. Just - my birds won't flap, so clearly doing something wrong.

Isa said...

Emil und die grossen Schwestern, Äffchen ist doch mal eine Idee!!! Ich muss mal im Internet gucken, ob ich dafuer Anweisungen finde. Will auch! :)

Viilhvile, yes, I agree. It's extremely peaceful and relaxing... and a lot of fun, too! If you use the instructions I linked to, your birds should end up flapping.. at least ours' do (or maybe it's just my imagination?!). :D

soisses-dasleben said...

ohhh... ich will mich ja schon sooo lang am origamifalten probieren. aber leider, genau nach dem post, rief mich mein mann in den keller. und mir verging die lust... *mpf*

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha... in that case, I want your imagination (!!!) I am sure yours DO flap, and my don't. (But maybe that's just in my imagination :)

(Btw, read through the Identity search project, all of it actually; very interesting!)

Isa said...

Viilhvile, :D

and thanks for reading trough the Identity Search Project! I have really enjoyed being a part of it. :) (Although, I must admit, I haven't read through each and every one of the perspectives yet.. oops.)