10 January 2012

A 4-Year Old's Diary


1. FE
2. IS HP AJN BAL                                                              =                                                     I have a ball.
3. MAMA MACHT FOTOS                                              =                                      Mom's taking pictures.
4. IS HP ANE SWESTA SISI                                              =                                            I have a sister Sisi.
5. MAMA KOCHT AJAN                                                 =                                        Mom's cooking eggs.
6. WI HPEN KELOKS                                                     =                                            We have Kellogg's.
7. IS GENE SPILE SSEULE ABA  IS PIN 4                    =                              I like to play school but I'm 4.
8. ACHSEN TPN HPEN WIA                                      =                     Eighteen staircases (steps) we have.
9. IS KUKE KT MEJI POPINS                                     =                     Right now I'm watching Mary Poppins. 

We were cleaning out some of my old things and found an unused notebook. Fe exclaimed excitedly:
This will be my journal! She has been keeping the journal now for a week. She shares it with me,
thankfully... The things she writes... getting to see inside her little head... the simple things she values...
it is beyond fascinating.

All her spelling cuteness doesn't translate, unfortunately.

I mean, Meji (pronounced Meyi) Popins? How adorable is that. The original should have been called that.


Heli said...

soo adorable. we're enjoying the same phase right now.

Anonymous said...

(she is one of her kind)
we also started journals. Veina and Pietu has their owns and we share one with Pirkka (our is mostly for spiritual things and blessings that we have)

merathon said...

that is so stinkin cute!

IPH said...

Isa, das musst du alles aufheben und ihr zum 18ten oder zur Hochzeit schenken, frag mal Nina was wir auf der Hochzeit gelacht haben, also Nina´s Oma sachen von Nina, Bastian und Daniela vorgelesen hat, HERRLICH :)

Kirschenzeit said...

ooooh, hab gerade via Pinterest deinen Blog entdeckt und bin entzückt! Wunderbar! Und dieses Tagebuch ist fantastisch, bloß gut aufheben! LG Gesche

rayndrop said...

love this post. it brings a smile to my face and heart. i especially love that she shares her writing with you!

Vi said...

Wie süß! Spricht sie denn auch hauptsächlich deutsch?

rahel said...

absolutely LOVE it! There's so much fun and magic in the first steps of learning to write...

Süsk said...

Vielleicht die süsseste (is that a word even?) ding die ich je gesehen habe! How charming!

Mini Piccolini said...

I love this post! Such a great idea to encourage your little ones to keep a diary! Thanks!

Had to share: http://minipiccolini.com/2012/02/its-friday-6/