09 January 2012


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To those who've asked: 

No, we don't have cornstarch fights everyday.
Yes, our home is a mess most of the time.
Yes, I do get cranky (especially in the afternoon.)
No, I don't enjoy every single minute of mothering.

But I do make a point of  
carpeing my kairoses. (<-- Read this.)

(Thanks Christina for the link!)




Anonymous said...


Kate said...

Thanks for sharing. It was spot on.

Heli said...

yes for kairos!

millefeuilles said...

How wonderful to read what I have always felt but have been too cotton wool headed to put into words. Fabulous words.

You look beautiful.


millefeuilles said...
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ommu said...

Great words! And so true! Kairos!

I am the kind of an old lady who does not remember a lot of the time kids were young. I thought my memory has done me a nasty trick in that respect but maybe I am the lucky one... I don't remember how awful it sometimes was, I just remember some wonderful moments.

Greu said...

After reading the Carpe Diem-post I have been trying really hard to spot the Kairoses every day, and I have to admit there has been a few;) Thank goodness..

Henry said...

Suess!! War interessant zu sehen, wie sie Sachen auf Deutsch schreibt.

YC Felin said...

Adorable pic! How did you take those pictures of you and Sisi? Jonni took it or a timer? I have tons of pics of Esko and Liana and only few ones of me and her (Esko not home when sun is shining neither has interest to capture a good one).

Isa said...

YC, just the old trick: one long arm holds the camera!