09 August 2010

Day 9: Fly

Mama: Fe, I need you to go to the shower.
Fe: I don't want to.
Mama: But you need to. You're full of sand.
Person B: ... and you stink.
Fe: I like to stink.
Person B: Princesses don't stink. What's the knight in shining armor going to do when he sees a stinking princess? He is just going to keep riding, that's what.
Fe: Well, in that case, I'd rather stink than have a knight.


Vi said...

Bei euch macht der Sommer also gerade Urlaub :)

Franziska Patterson said...

Hehe - that's right Fe! If the knight can't accept you stinky, he doesn't deserve you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Isa, you just lost a day:)

Isa said...

I did! I didn't take any pictures on Sunday, so I have nothing to show for that day. I thought nobody would notice, hehe.

heini said...

She is so funny. Little Peppi Pitkätossu :) I love seeing her hair, movements, and thoughts.

Katarina said...

I love your little stories, Isa.
And these pictures are beyond gorgeous, especially the third one. Love the colours too.
Sorry I've not been commenting more, I've been away, but I read your every post :)