26 January 2011

Kinderzimmer II


So, I decided to move the bench to the wall. And I changed the fabric. I think I like this one, the flowery, more than the polka dot one. Opinions?

Oh, and I'm so excited about Mae's birdies finally finding their way into our home the other day. I'm charmed.


Little Sisie is sick again, poor little one. Which means we've been indoors, and there has been more Fé art. A bee robot for cousin Lukas, and a picture of great-grandpa and herself and the laptop he sent her for Christmas for Opa Kalla. I love that there are yellow suns in all the pictures.

I want to see smiling yellow suns everywhere, too.

Thank you, Tracey. I'm so happy, too!
Thank you, Deborah. Your words made me smile.

Edit: Oh, and I guess I'm supposed to say seven random things about me:

1. My anime crush is Wizard Howl.
2. My literature crush is Edward Cullen.
3. Yes, I am aware of how completely embarrassing that is, thank you.
4. I cannot start my day properly without a cup of Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger, with a spoonful of honey, please.
5. I want to travel to Japan very badly.
6. My husband and I started dating when we were both wet in a fountain.
7. I need a maid.


Earny from Earncastle said...

really cute pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

hope you get better really soon!
little E has a stomach flu...
Fé is so talented. Hugs!

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Hey, you're welcome - everyone loved Fé's drawings on the cups.
I love your blog - the top bedroom pic is beautiful.

chaton de luxe said...

would you really hate me if I said we are going to Japan in Marcch? we booked our flight last week and I've been immersed in research dreaming at night about geishas and cherry blossoms....hope the little one will be better soon!

Isa said...

thanks everyone.

shys, I hope she gets better soon...

Kickcan and Conkers, and I love YOUR's!!!

chaton de luxe, I am so happy for you. How exciting! We've been meaning to go for ages, but there always seem to come more important trips in the way. One day...

Wonderland said...

Yes the cover is lovely, I like it very much. I hope Fè gets better soon.
Have a lovely indoors day!