26 January 2012

drawing on tables

crazy 032

crazy 025

crazy 024

crazy 031

We drew on our dining table with crayons today. Some friends helped, too. It was fun! :D

(I'm pretty sure I could get it off with soap and water if I wanted, but we are getting
a new table next week, so I figured, why not. Haha, I'm not completely crazy.)

Sorry for the post overload today.

PS This etsy shop... oh!


Annakaisa said...

I loved all the projects! You are such a free spirited person. I truly admire that! I would never even think about letting my kids color on a table, even if we were getting rid of it.
And I love the hat and the gloves. Fun idea. So creative.

Annakaisa said...

Clarification: I wouldn't let them do it, not because I thought it's a bad idea, but because the thought would not even come to me.
I think I'm pretty confined to certain patterns of living.

rayndrop said...

you are such a fun mom!

Anonymous said...

Manchmal frage ich mich, ob Du Pipilotta Viktualia Schokominza heißt...
Jede ander denkt sich doch "um Himmelswillen, DAS machen dei bei dem NEUEN Tisch auch (oder bei den tischen der Freunde, die auch noch da waren...)
Es ist immer so schön, hier rein zu schauen! Du scheinst ein sehr entspannte Mama zu sein!
Viele Grüße aus dem verregneten Deutschland

Isa said...

Truth is, the table has been looking horrible, because it's an oiled wood surface, and there are tons of food stains on it, and water marks, and it's been drawn on before, mostly by accident, or in Sisi's case, on purpose. So, I suppose I've never cared about it that much... Though now that it has pretty pictures on it it is starting to look really lovely again. :)

Anonymous, danke. :)

Suvi said...

I would love to have a table like this, even if the table would stay! Unfortunately our table is covered with some plastic paint or whatever, so colors come off with a wipe :)

Salla said...

You crazy mama!

Luckily our 36h old table is still free of drawings, but girls faces were quite colorful today (little indians...)

Trula said...

excellent. I am sure they loved painting on something that's normally off limits.

merathon said...

so fun! and i want to see the new table you're getting. i have been wanting a new one for YEARS. i have a few picked out, but can't narrow it down!

Lizeylou said...

Fun indeed ... I want to do this!!

Mutsch said...
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