24 January 2012

Sweater into Hat and Mittens

i tried to sew 001i tried to sew 002

i tried to sew 010

i tried to sew 012

One of my cashmere sweaters (actually my one cashmere sweater...) was accidentally
felted when it got washed and dried alongside our towels... GASP! (The Mr did it and
he is adequately sorry.)

Anyway, I didn't want to throw it away, so I decided to make a hat and mittens out of it
for Sisi. The crafty people tell me that's easy. And the mittens were easy, I just traced her
hand directly onto the sleeve of the sweater (hey, who has time for templates!), cut it out,
sewed, by hand, because I still haven't figured out sewing machines. They intimidate me.
The thumb-part turned out  a bit funky, but it actually  makes it easier for the little one to put
her thumb in. Ha! The hat is... well, it is original for sure. Maybe I should use a pattern next time.
(I simply don't have the patience to follow instructions. If you do, then click here for a tutorial.)
I was also too lazy to finish it off properly, I hear one should use binding or something. Oh well.

Still, having created something makes me happy, even when it's imperfect. The mittens
we'll definitely use.




Oon said...

And come on, you should definitely try using a sewing machine. Something tells me you would be awefully good at sewing.

Trula said...

Super cute. I think so, too. I think you could become very good friends with a sewing machine. Thank you for the award, by the way. It makes me very happy, tat it makes you want to sew.

Tracey said...

You are too clever. The end. xx

millefeuilles said...

Amazing! Warm, comfortable and original. What more could you ask for? When I see those pictures of your daughter in that hat I immediately thought of the artist Julie Arkell. If you are not familiar with her work just click on Julie Arkell images and you will see some of her papier maché figures with similar looking hats.


Steffi / herzekleid said...

So ein süßer kleiner Gnom! ;-)

Nina said...

Hab auch was genäht - zu sehen in meinem aktuellen Post. Ein Hundmäntelchen, dass die Miez zur Probe tragen durfte :D.

IPH said...

hei ho hei ho jetzt sind die Mädels froh...... :D

Isa said...

Oon and Trula, maybe I really should try.

millfeuilles, thanks for the inspiration! Those would make for some cool hats!

An die Deutschen: Jou, Gnom/Zwerg. Haha. :D

Oon said...

You should, Isa, you really should. If I lived closeby, I'd come over to show you how easy it is.

Isa said...

Oon, oh that would be very lovely! Sigh...

Noora said...

Love 'em!!