13 June 2011

Angry Crocodile Man


We've spent a hot, beautiful weekend at the beach and at the lake. Finland is such
a beautiful place in the summer. I forget, often, and then I suddenly remember.
Almost as if Finland was playing hide and seek with me.

Beauty. You gotta run after it to catch it.

Ps When J got home that night, he found this waiting for him:


No, not an ink test (although, I'm intrigued: what do you see?), but what was
supposed to be a chalkboard wall, and instead turned out to be a watery, bubbly
mess. (Ah, so that's why one shouldn't paint with wet brushes.)

Btw, I see a very angry crocodile man with a hat.
But I also see sweet, but concerned, Mr. Tumnus's face.

And those were J's reactions (first angry, then sweet but concerned for my mental health) to the wall.
The wall knew beforehand!

To be continued tomorrow.


Tracey said...

I see a dog hiding in the shadows!

Isa said...

Jonni sees a Moomin, he tells me. Hemuli's wife.

Yanyan said...

Finland and the Finns wakes up during the summer, all happy and alive. And I really think summer of Finland is one of the prettiest place in the world. I miss it.

Herr Janosch said...

Ein Rorschachtest!

Heli said...

looks like a queen's guard at the buckingham palace to me. it's the huge fur hat.

Vi said...

Absolutely the angry crocodile man.

Mein gewisses Etwas said...

Haha, die Reaktion des Mannes ist toll. So muss das sein! Ist ja auch nur eine Wand ..
Ich bin auf die Fortsetzung gespannt!

Für mich sieht es übrigens sehr nach dunklem Wald aus.

Liebe Grüße und Danke fürs Umstellen, Sindy