17 June 2011



Fe is at her Oma's for the weekend, so we are spending some time with just Sisi.
It's strangely quiet all of a sudden. I miss her already! But it's nice to get to focus
on Sisi for a while, to play tickle games and peekaboo, and hide-and-seek,
with just her.

My my, how does time fly. She is such a big girl already. A big girl, strong-willed,
with quite the temper (but the best of hearts)!

Happy Weekend!


... this store, oh my oh my, I want it all. (via snygg)
... I'm planning a summer party, and I'll make these.
... I have a thing for this wallpaper.
...  this T-shirt made me smile.
... and this one, to DIY.
... I want to vacation in this house.
... with this patio.
... on this island.


= lingonsmak said...

dann wünsch ich euch mal noch viel spaß beim verstecken spielen und ach ja, sonntag bin ich wieder dran beim süß, vielleicht machst du mit? es sieht doch immer lecker bei dir aus :) liebe grüße.

Herr Janosch said...

Was für ein entzückendes Foto, was für ein entzückendes Mädchen!

Anne said...

Thanks for the links! Enjoy your weekend and your quality time with Sisi - she has such a beautiful eyes!

Irene said...

Sisi is adorable!

Agata said...

I'm sure Sisi will enjoy time with you too. Since I have also 2 kids, I miss some time just with one of them, I say " quality" time .

So have a great "quality" time! ;-)