18 June 2011

Doodling in black and white


The kids have been doodling on the blackboard wall, and I have been doodling
on cheap china. So much fun. I need to do it more. More patiently.
That strange animal thing on the blackboard is a chicklet that Fe drew called "Flygg."
It inspires me immensely. I don't have the heart to wipe it off.

Also: Yes! Yes to life, and lists, and getting things done. And friends, too.

Happy weekend (again).

PS I hear it's Father's Day in most countries that I know (not here, though). Still:
Happy Father's Day.


Herr Janosch said...

Das Huhn ist ja großartig!

nina said...

ich liebe das farbenspiel von schwarz und weiß :) ein tolles wochenende!

Etefel said...

I like your doodling. Reminds me of the new Marimekko siirtolapuutarha plates. They are so cool!

Some comments to your previous text- We have also the strong will stage. And Jude is with my mom so it's just us and Riki. He's impossible. I'm thinking: where did my sweet easy baby disappear. But he's developed a lot and still learning. I need to be a good example :)

elbmari said...

Toller Teller... Haste gut gemacht!!! Sonnige Grüße

= lingonsmak said...

ich musste auch an marimekko denken und find's klasse! geh mal in produktion ... :)

Daniela said...

Hey ...we need more of that cheao China art. We could use it! I love the idea. and have been meaning to copy the idea. Looks awesome!

Kristiina said...

I love your plate doodling, so cool. You know it is my birthday in just a week..hint, hint. Do you have any plans coming to Turku in July, I'll be there with the girlies, would be great to see you as well!

Steffi / herzekleid said...

Ein großartiger Teller!!!!
Und die Zeichnung von deiner Tochter ist auch so schön!

Heli said...

i l-o-v-e the sunflower. that plate looks almost like the marimekko "siirtolapuutarha" ones.

Heli said...

oh, just like ellu said! :D

alliot + iza said...

Lovely! "Flygg", the black and white, and your doodles ... beautiful!