03 June 2011

Sun Flower


The kids at Fé's club made this sunflower crown, with crepe paper, cardboard,
and staples. I love it. So simple and pretty!

... I really, really want my (non-)carpenter husband to build one for Fé, too!
... This blog makes me want to eat only vegetables and fruits, all day long.
... Oversize posters.
... Rebuilding buildings of childhood.
... Prague guide (via Fryd+Design)
... A family portrait.
... Buy a kite or make one.
... Security envelope raindrops.
... This mom and her 4 kids are so inspiring.
... Draw on your headboard.
... painting with flowers (via Megan L.'s board)

Have a happy, happy weekend!
(It's warm here now, finally!... we'll spend Saturday at the beach....
pics to follow... what are you all up to?)


Trula said...

Thank you for the links. I was actually wondering about how to make a kite yesterday.

Heli said...

nice links, isa!

Unknown said...

What sweet faces! I also loved seeing the photos in the post before. So sweet! So many amazing links, need a tea break to check them all out.. Have a wonderful weekend!

Steffi / herzekleid said...

Die Sonneblumenkrone ist toll! Ich weiß schon, was ich mit meiner Tochter das nächste Mal basteln werde... :-)
Und tolle Links!

Kate said...

which beach are you going to? just wondering whether there's one where you can already let the kids in water and they won't freeze to death :)

Isa said...

Kate, it's hot! So what if the water is a little cold! ;)

Kate said...

I'm such a cry baby when it comes to cold water. :) Well, to a lot of stuff, I guess.

And still we've had the best of days, hope you had a great one too!