22 June 2011

Happy Unbirthday


It was raining outside, so we decided to throw an impromptu un-birthday party.
There is nothing that will make Fe as happy as baking a cake, putting on her
favorite dress, and blowing out candles! And eating that cake. And singing.

"Happy daa-ay, happy daa-ay, happy daay-ay to us!"

(The cake had *store-bought rhubarb filling and *self-made meringue frosting.
Thank you Martha for the idea.)

Happy Unbirthday to you, too!


Mein gewisses Etwas said...

Welch schöner Un-Birthday! Und so lang das Geburtstagskind glücklich ist, was will man mehr? Wow, wie groß sie schon wirkt!

Die neue Wand ist ein toller Fotohintergrund!

Liebe Grüße, Sindy

Herr Janosch said...

Man soll die Feste feieren wie sie fallen - ihr habt so recht!

alliot + iza said...

Happy Unbirthday!
LOVE your idea! So as your pictures.
It seems your blackboard paint is satin, it reflects the candle lights. May I ask is it a special paint?
We have painted a wall black with a matt emulsion paint & used it as a blackboard for some years. Thinking of re-doing it. The current wall is difficult to keep as black & clean as yours. There's always a thin layer of chalk ...

Tracey said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of Alice in Wonderland magic. Every year on our siblings birthday one of our aunts used to buy the other sibling a small 'unbirthday' present. It was sooo exciting to get something to open even when it wasn't your birthday! Magic.

Isa said...

alliot + iza, it's just the normal blackboard paint you can get at the hardware store. They only sell one kind here in Finland, the brand is Tikkurila. I think it miay just be nice and shiny because it's new. I expect it'll get more matte and chalky with time..

Kate said...


We'll have to do that too some day. Otto plays that it's somebody's birthday often anyways, so why not make a real cake to go with that.

Vi said...

Such a cool idea!
And if I hadn't eaten so much cake lately, I'd beg for one piece of yours now... :)

isoinpapu said...



And those pictures of that sweet couple in the previous post are so great.

Steffi / herzekleid said...

Was für eine nette Idee! :-)

Unknown said...

Great photos! Aw.. Happy (un) birthday to Fe! Both your girls look so pretty! The cake looks yummy and I love the candles too..

Katt said...

Why not? Every day should be a Happy Day.

Annabella said...

Eine wundervolle Idee!!
Und es sieht aus, als hätte Ihr einen schönen Tag gehabt - wie immer so schöne Fotos!
Wir haben heute Erdbeermarmelade gekocht ...

Stacie said...

Beautiful! Love the idea!

Anonymous said...